On The Road to Finding My Calling

To Encourage and Inspire You to NEVER give up!

Why HR?

Well…I decided to go into HR about 2 years ago.

When I began going to school, back in 2011, I intended on becoming a Web and Gaming Designer. Later that year, in December, I ended up getting a Work Study position at the school I’m attending. I worked in Career Services and I really enjoyed it. My boss asked me if I like what I was doing there at the school. I told her that I was enjoying it immensely. I enjoyed being around the staff and getting to interact with the students, and helping them look for work. She then asked me if I had thought about going into HR because it was pretty similar to what I was doing there at the school- job leads, creating job descriptions, contacting employers to present a potential student for a job, things of that nature. Hmmm….sounds exciting, I thought.

Boy- did I get a surprise when I found out what HR is really like! There was so much more to it- you had to learn labor laws, you had to be the one to hire and fire, and the list goes on and on. Was I up for this challenge of switching my major?

You betcha. I love a challenge. I love working with people. I love the fact that HR is a everyday, your work environment is changing. I love interacting with people. Doing the firing- not so much. I’m too much of a softy. I was told by my cousin, who is in HR, “you can be a nice HR person….you can’t be a soft HR person”. I totally get it. That’s what drives me- the desire to step out of my comfort zone!

So, with that being said- I switched my major, in February of 2012. Currently- I’m in my junior year. And the classes ain’t getting easier. I’m also a member of SHRM and part of our local chapter (PHRMA).

As I learn more about the HR world and what it takes to become the “nice but not-soft HR” person…I can pass that knowledge on. I want to thank Kyle Jones for giving me the gentle nudge to keep going, and not giving up even though, at the time of this entry, I have NO clue what I’m doing or how to make my blog look “cool”. Give him a shout out at http://kylemjones.com/blog/ and you can learn more about him and just how awesome he is! 🙂

Keep coming back… let’s see where this takes us!


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